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8 Best Oxford Shoes for Women to Rock Big Time 

Nowadays, there are variety of shoes for women whether for work or play. So many fresh, new styles out there. Cowboy boots, sneakers, heels, you name it. But if you want a pair that’s comfortable and classy enough to wear to work and if you are not a heels type of person, go on with a pair of Oxford shoes.


8 Ways to Wear Black Legging In Style 

Wearing black leggings is definitely a way to stay modest and warm while showing off your toned legs. You can also dress them up in anything. Any women can use black leggings to craft different styles. It is because black leggings blend well with many different things that comfortable to wear and keep stylish at the same time.


8 Adorable Halloween Nail Art Designs to Complement Your Look 

Having an adorable nail art is a must for every women, especially with a specific theme; Halloween. Yes, Halloween is almost coming, so let’s prepare something good to celebrate it. Having a great nail art is no longer difficult task to do. All you need to do is mastering some techniques that will make the complicated world of nail art seem a lot less daunting.


8 Lightweight Jacket, Coat and Blazer Collections To Transition into Fall 

Jackets, coats and blazers are a big part of women daily wear. So, buying the right style that suitable with your body figure is crucial to look best with it. First of all, secure the outerwear in neutral colors and without any super complicated details that can cover your major daily activities and all occasions. Make sure that the jackets are simple because it would rather focus on the clothes underneath them, and of course, the accessories.


8 Best 50s Rock and Roll Halloween Costumes to Inspire You 

If you haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet, then you are come to the right page. But before, here are some tips for you to get Halloween costume that suitable for you. First of all, know exactly what costume pieces and accessories you’re getting before buying and predict the weather to stay comfort during the party. Know the right size for you and buy early especially when you buy it online.

Boys and Girls

8 Best Halloween Costumes for Your Baby 

Halloween is almost in the town. But when choosing a baby costume for your infant or toddler, you need to consider not only the cutie-factor but also several practical issues that can make or break your party. At least if you want a happy baby and mom. For example, if the costume includes some sort of hat, make sure it is detachable because many babies really hate wearing hats.