Shoes become the most important wardrobe that will change your style dramatically. Even, it defines how your style will be. When you wear oxford shoes, it comes to formal. However, nowadays you can wear those shoes for semi formal or even casual style. Oxford shoes must have by any people who care with their style.

Combining suits need creative touch to avoid monotonous look. For formal event you can wear dark color suits. However, you can mix and match them to look semi formal or casual. Otherwise, suits color combination actually looks awesome for any occasion. Here are how to combine suits to look sharp and chic;

Nailing about what to wear to work is easy, but not in winter. It become a difficult task to do especially if you don’t want to look like a bundle of walking blanket. When temperatures drop, you need to focus on staying warm. But worry not, we will help you out.

Black and white combination is the easiest and timeless color pairing in fashion. Both bold and classic combinations are understated enough to wok for any event on your calendar. The power of black and white pieces can be quite strong. There’s nothing chicer than pairing the new shades together, and nothing more foolproof.

There are various styles of denim for women that we know. But high-waisted jeans are one style that we can’t get enough of. Even there are tons of other great style, but it does not get more flattering and classic than good old high-rise denim. So, knowing how to put together good high-waisted jeans outfits is vital right about now.

One of the most favorite winter outfits that must have by anyone at winter is beanie. There abundance models and color of beanie that can be mixed and matched with your style. Most of people like to wear black or white beanie. However, feel free to try other color as your desire. Make sure it keep you look stylish, comfy, and chic

Layering at winter is the most common style. There are scarf, blazer, coat, sweater, and other winter outfits that can be layered in one appearance. Not only for looking stylish but also keep your body feels warm along winter day. Take a look for further layering ideas below;

Though oxford shoes deal with formal shoes, but you can wear them for any occasion. Feel free to wear oxford shoes for going to school or work. However, dare to wear them for street style as well. If you want see more the ways to wear oxford shoes stylishly, look these outfit ideas;

School attire must be cool and chic. You need to wear cloth that can express your character but doesn’t deny politeness. Go on with jeans, jacket, sweater, and other element to keep stylish. Just get more experience to mix and match your school attire to get more adorable back to school outfit like following ideas;

A pregnant woman should think more when want to go outside at winter. She has to wear cloths that keep her and her bumps stay warm along the day. Besides that, she has to consider whether she will feel comfort or not. No need to worry. If you are a pregnant woman, you still be free to wear black tights and boots. See further pregnant women winter cloths ideas below;