8 Best 50s Rock and Roll Halloween Costumes to Inspire You

If you haven’t picked your Halloween costume yet, then you are come to the right page. But before, here are some tips for you to get Halloween costume that suitable for you. First of all, know exactly what costume pieces and accessories you’re getting before buying and predict the weather to stay comfort during the party. Know the right size for you and buy early especially when you buy it online.

If you are on a budget, save your money and use makeup. If you want to add variety, accessorize yourself and plus, adding different accessories is cheaper than purchasing two costumes. Now take a look at these 8 best 50s rock and roll Halloween costumes to inspire you below.

1. Bad Sandy and Good Sandy from Grease Costume


If you are looking for a costume for you and your twin or sister, this one is the biggest makeovers of all time.

2. La La Land Costume


Channel the vibes of your favorite retro musical by putting on your dancing shoes and get your vocal chords warmed up, you’ll feel right in line with Gosling and Stone.

3. Retro Devil Costume


A black leather jacket, cat eye sunnies, and a red lip will turn you into this throwback take retro devil costume.

4. Fuzzy Dice Costume


Create your own life-sized version with cardboard boxes and a whole ‘lotta pink fur. No ’50s ride is complete without some fuzzy mirror dice, right?

5. Cat in the Hat Costume


All you’ll need for this look is a black leotard and a toddler to play the mini goldfish buddy to get The Cat in the Hat costumes that is so 50s.

6. Alvin and the Chipmunks Costume


This adorable rodent trio can be your tween’s trick-or-treating route ideas.

7. Lucille Ball Costume


Everyone love this iconic nostalgic woman. Convey her silly, lovable personality this year with a ’50s-inspired dress and a classic updo.

8. Marilyn Monroe Costume


If you want to rock the Halloween party with a glam-bam costume, then try this Marylin Monroe costume.

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