8 Adorable Halloween Nail Art Designs to Complement Your Look

Having an adorable nail art is a must for every women, especially with a specific theme; Halloween. Yes, Halloween is almost coming, so let’s prepare something good to celebrate it. Having a great nail art is no longer difficult task to do. All you need to do is mastering some techniques that will make the complicated world of nail art seem a lot less daunting.

You can you use a regular old gel pen to draw intricate design to your nail, or using a bobby pin to make an easy polka dots. If you want to create stripes with ease, use a super thin nail tape or try to store your nail strip tape in an empty tape dispenser will be a great ideas. If you want to create super precise clean-up tool, use a toothpick and a cotton wad. And if you are ready to rock the world with your skill, check out these 8 adorable Halloween nail art designs to complement your look as inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Snakebite Nail Art


These snakebite nails are easy to execute and a fun way to add a little bite to your Halloween manicure. All you need is a base coat nail, black polish, white striping brush and red striping brush.

2. Golden Ratio


Simply add a few small pieces of gold jewelry and you’re good to go to Halloween party.

3. Skull Nails


Keep your nail simple but classy will all white nail and just a pop of skull.

4. Black + White FTW


A simple black and white nail art with a great Halloween-themed drawing; skull, spider web, anything.

5. Jack Skellington

Copy this Jack Skellington nail art by Maddie Paulson above for a great black, white, and sparkly tribute to a Halloween classic.

6. Moody and Matte

Paint an entire creepy scene onto your nails for a unique manicure. Add a matte top coat lets the designs be seen even better.

7. Bloody Nails

Drip polish down from your cuticles, and clean up your skin with a nail polish remover-soaked cotton swab. And your bloody nails are ready to haunt your Halloween.

8. Spooky Minimalist

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This ghostly manicure instantly puts you in the Halloween spirit. If you’re more of a minimalistic one, this simple design will ring true.

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