8 Best Oxford Shoes for Women to Rock Big Time

Nowadays, there are variety of shoes for women whether for work or play. So many fresh, new styles out there. Cowboy boots, sneakers, heels, you name it. But if you want a pair that’s comfortable and classy enough to wear to work and if you are not a heels type of person, go on with a pair of Oxford shoes.

You can wear the Oxford shoes with or without socks and pair it with almost anything; from skinny jeans to plaid trousers to a maxi dress. The options are truly endless. It is a perfect casual-meets-dressy footwear that you won’t regret buying. Now check out these 8 best Oxford shoes for women to rock big time below and happy shopping.

1. CLERGERIE Barbara Leather Platform Brogues


A clean and classic Oxford shoes and they’re just as suited to tailoring as they are to jeans and flowy dresses.

2. JIMMY CHOO Reeve Crystal-Embellished Patent-Leather Brogues


Adorable Oxford shoes with a row of twinkling crystals. You can wear them with everything; midi dresses to sleek tailoring.

3. CHURCH’S Burwood Glossed-Leather Brogues


This Oxford shoes from Church’s is made of a glossy leather with classic wingtip perforations and precise gimping. Pair this Oxford shoes with cropped trousers for an office-ready look.

4. No.6 Milo Lace Up Oxfords


Try some Oxfords with a chunky heel made of cowhide leather and leather sole.

5. STELLA MCCARTNEY Elyse Faux Leather-Trimmed Leopard-Print Satin Platform Brogues


This leopard-print pair is made from satin with an impressive 90mm striped flatform heel. Show yours off with breezy culottes or a midi dress.

6. Daisy Water Resistant Oxford By Ron White


A lugged platform sole adds trend-savvy appeal to a menswear-inspired oxford that will be loved by everyone.

7. Marc Jacobs Leather Oxfords


Adorable Oxford shoes with goatskin leather, sculpted heel and rubber heel patch at leather sole. Style these with a pair of cute socks.

8. Alexander Wang Lyndon Oxfords


Step into the leopard-print trend and you are ready to rock the world.

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