8 Styles to Wear Pajama On The Street

There are so many pajama style nowadays. Thanks to Jenna Lyons and Rihanna, they make it look effortless. Pajama dressing is so trendy. So it may not surprise you to here that you can leave the house wearing the same outfit you slept in.

When deciding how to wear pajama, consider the style, fit and of course the fabric. Remember that wearing pajama outside is all about fit. You can mix it with leather jacket, smoking slippers, or even a lace t-shirt. If you think that you can go with it, check out these 8 styles to wear pajama on the street below to inspire you. Enjoy!

1. Stylish Pajama by Krystin Lee


If you want to add a casual look with your pajama pants, pair them with a jean jacket and simple striped shirt just like in the picture above. The silk textures of the pajama will make you feel comfortable to wear it in public.

2. Stylish Pajama by Cara McLeay


To make your pajama look appropriate to wear, all you need to do is add a structured element such as belt, or even blazer.

3. Stylish Pajama by Melanie Morais


Pair your pajama-like pants with a silky pocket top, trousers or jeans and your favorite blouse and heels.

4. Stylish Pajama by KD Faustino


Make your look with pajama more urban by choosing a fabric that looks more luxurious such silk and if you are going for prints, make sure that they are intricate and subtle. Add a more downtown vibe by wearing a wide-brimmed hat, jewels and ankle boots.

5. Stylish Pajama by Jacquelyn Son


If you want to look relaxed and laid-back. choose a plain, solid color of pajama, a looser fit and go with something that you think it’s comfortable to wear; skirt, leggings, pants, or skinnies.

6. Stylish Pajama by Kristin Macdonald


Pajama, silk pants and black sunglasses? WOW.

7. Stylish Pajama by Kayla Short


Pair your pajama with trousers, shirts, or shorts in high quality fabrics like glossy, slippery silk, or satin. Don’t forget to always opt for a sophisticated shoe like a great pump and/or something with height.

8. Stylish Pajama by Barbara Ann Solomon


Who says that you can’t go to work with pajama? The picture above shows us that all you need to do is pair the pajama with blazers and dress pants, and of course a great pair of heels, to ensure no one thinks you just stumbled out of bed.

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