Women Shoes to Accompany Your Path This Year

Buying women shoes can be a tedious task. The sizes are varies by brand and manufacture and also varies of styles, and brands, too. The best strategy to face it up is by buying shoes that never goes out of style. For example, go for a high heels pump, ballerina flats that you can be used both day and evening occasions and choose a neutral color that is easy to mix and match.

You also need to know that you need to consider your body shape and your legs to find the best shoes for you. Some shoe styles look better on you than on other body figures and leg shapes. So you’d want to make sure to select colors, styles and details that flatter you. So check out these 8 women shoes to accompany your path this year below and hope you are inspired by this article. Enjoy!

1. Lace-Up Shoes


For a more comfortable but equally as stylish option, lace up sneakers is the answer.

2. Ballerina Flats


Classic ballerina flats are so elegant to wear. You’ll half expect wearers to randomly burst out into “Swan Lake” choreography. And the great things about it is the more that you wear these shoes, the more comfy they become.

3.  Ankle-Strap Pumps


Wear your ankle-strap pump and pair it with a tee and jeans, and you are ready to walk in style.

4. Ankle Booties


You can wear your ankle booties with literally anything and they won’t mind. And plus, it is so comfortable to wear.

5. Low-Top Vans


Even you are not a sk8er girl, choose this low-top Vans so you can go hang out with all the other cool kids that have Vans.

6. Knee-High Boots


If you want to show off your sexy leg, wear a knee-high boots. And during winter, this shoes will definitely makes your leg warmer.

7. Perforated Sneakers


Perforated sneakers are extremely comfortable and breathable. These sneakers are so trendy and perfect to wear now.

8. Ankle Strap Heels


If you have a heavy and wide lower body, choose ankle strap heels.

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