Best Handbag Trends For Women to Invest In This Year

Handbags are one of the best fashion pieces to invest in. You can carry theme everywhere and wear them with almost everything. To get the best handbag that is both practical and beauty, choose the one that is comfortable to carry. We can easily love the look of a handbag, but if it’s does not have the right kind of comfort, then you will start to resent it pretty quickly.

Also make sure that it’s not too heavy because it is not good for your back, shoulder and also your mood. Discover the pocket that the handbag’s have based on your needs and also the zip; fully zipped or not. Versatile color is okay, you can simply add some accessories or choose a versatile color handbag with extra design details to make it not too dull and boring. Now check out these 6 best handbag trends for women to invest in this year below.

1. Quilted Belt Bag


Wear this quilted belt bag in a traditional way or sling it over your shoulder for a nonchalant look. They made up 25 percent of accessories sales growth in 2018, and they’re still going strong.

2. Top Handle Satchel


Looks like a satchel, but has all the polish of a top handle purse. Opt for a medium size and it will double as your workbag.

3. Circular Bag


Handbags don’t have to be angular. And these circular styles are proof that a little whimsy goes a long way.

4. Oversized Tote


Oversize tote is the best for you who brings much stuff to go out. This oversize tote by Dior in the picture above features embroidered canvas that can be carried by hand or on your shoulder. It’s spacious interior makes it perfect carryall bag for each season.

5. Convertible Shoulder Bag


Double up the chain and use it as a shoulder bag, or let it out and rock it like a crossbody.

6. Phone Crossbody


Most mini bags really only fit a phone anyway. So why don’t we pick this one?

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