Stylish Tips That Will Make You Look More Stylish

Fashion is all about dressing according to what’s fashionable. As a fashionable women, you need to hunt for what’s new and is always ready to try what we call as ‘fashion dares on risks’ and this trait simply makes them ultra-stylish. But there are a few select habits that aid the process of crafting a good outfit every single day. For example, try to keep you closet organized that makes it easily to access when you need it.

Check the weather before going outside so you can choose the outfit that suitable with the weather and you can plan the outfits out ahead of time. Have an enough time to get ready in the morning and don’t be afraid to mix high and low fashion. The last but not least, wear a clothes that fit properly. Now check out these 8 stylish things that will make you look more stylish below to inspire you.

1. Rolled Up Sleeves


Add a dash of stylish factor to your classic button down shirt by wearing a roll up sleeves. Roll up sleeves infuses comfort and coolness to your mundane stiff shirt.

2. Draped Shoulder


A drape shoulder blazer or jacket instinctively make you look more chic. It also portrays true sense of elegance and flamboyance.

3. Belt


Belting up your outerwear, scarf top or classy tunic at waist accentuates your curves and add refinement to the casual ensemble. Opt for an edgy and polished belt to complete the look.

4. Clash Of Stripes


Playing with horizontal and vertical stripes can redefine your look. Wear horizontal and vertical stripes together and pair it up with solid color accessories and footwear to make you look ultra-stylish.

5. All-White


The all-white create an effortlessly elegant look that you could carry all day long. The key to rock this trend is to keep it as simple as possible. Complement it with sleek edgy jewelry and red lips.

6. Knot


Knotting your shirt is a creative and playful fashion to titivate the ensemble and to add a twist to your look.

7. Peter Pan Collars


This ultra chic peter pan collars are a signature piece. Choose from wide variety of styles, such as the one with dainty lace or the one with leather trim. You can also go for floral or tartan prints or for the stone studded one.

8. Neck Scarves


Choose from wide variety of vibrant neck scarves, and tie them stylishly around your neck.

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