Outfit Ideas To Copy When Wearing Overall For Men

The 70s style, overall is coming back to the town. It have evolved from their status as a symbol for the rising farmer class during the Great Deppression, to the favored style of skaters, glam rockers and also Tupac alike. Many men love to be styled smart and edgy which makes the look fabulous. And to get that look, wear an overall.

Apparently the men’s overalls trend was kick-started by actor Chris Pine, who was spotted at Heathrow Airport wearing a pair by the cool street brand Carhartt. Overalls are the consummate worker’s outfit. The difficult decision is what to put under them if you’re not out chopping wood or catching some varmint. So let’s check out these 7 outfit ideas when wearing overall below so you can copy the look. Enjoy!

1. Denim Overalls


Try to look stylish with a denim overalls , plain t-shirt, sneakers and add some accessories such as bandana and sunglasses just like in the picture above. Don’t opt for anything remotely “European cut” either and avoid short-cut overalls. Rompers are a no-go for all grown-ass men.

2. Printed Panel Overalls


Pair your printed panel overalls with crew neck t-shirt and canvas shoes.

3. Patterned Overalls


Patterned overalls are one hell of a style risk, and you could end up looking horrible, so you’re better off keeping colors and patterns to a minimum. But, it’s certainly possible. Less is always going to be more if you’re not totally down to take a fashion risk, so steer clear of rocking a patterned shirt with your overalls, regardless of color.

4. Classic Overalls


There is a good reason why many celebrities like Tupac, TLC, Aaliyah, Will Smith choose classic overall. It is because classics are versatile and the best.

5. Overalls with Strap


Most buckled both straps over the shoulders is on point to keep one strap down and unbuckled. That adds a relaxed vibe to the piece. Wearing overalls today is all about keeping things polished. It’s about balance; overalls are naturally slouchy, and creating an even more unhinged look won’t be doing you any more favors. So yes, you need strap.

6. With Leather Shoes


Pair your overalls with a simple t-shirt and leather shoes.

7. With Sweatshirt


When it’s a bit cold outside, pair your overalls with sweatshirt and boots.

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