Best Collection of Friendship Rings to Celebrate Your Friendship This Valentine

Giving someone a ring is a symbol of commitment. It can be given for so many different reason. You can give it as a symbol of chastity, loyalty, monogamy, friendship or else. If you want to buy a promise ring for your significant other to signify your commitment, it’s important to clarify what, precisely, you are promising.

Before giving the ring, first of all, know the purpose and predict the recipient’s reaction. For example, if you are giving a promise ring as a sign of friendship, pick something simple and inexpensive. Consider Claddagh rings that visual sign of love or friendship serves as a warm reminder of commitment. Now check out these 6 best collection of friendship rings to celebrate your friendship this valentine below. Have a nice day.

1. Treasure & Bond Set of 6 Stacking Rings


Mix and match with your best friend and get ready to ‘gram up the rocks that you got. We can taste the rainbow and see the sparkle from a mile away on these rhinestone-studded beauties.

2. Astrid & Miyu Initial Rings


Show your fave girl gang a little love with a tiny initial charm ring in gold, rose gold, or silver so they’ll think of you whenever they wear it.

3. ZC x Kind Campaign 14K Itty Bitty BFF Ring


LA-based Zoë Chicco teamed up with the Kind Campaign to launch the ultimate capsule collection in time for Galentine’s Day. Their mission is to put an end to girl-against-girl bullying with all proceeds from the sales of these empowering BFF, Boss Babe, and Be Kind accessories benefiting their campaign.

4. LeCubicule Double Knot Ring


you and your best friend couldn’t be tighter with friendship double knot rings. Plus, the handcrafted aspect makes them even more meaningful.

5. Bryan Anthonys Soul Sisters Arrow Rings


Find your tribe and keep them close.

6. Gorjana Cameron Pinky Ring Set


Your best friend kept all of your pinky promises, so you might as well repay the favor with a trending pinky ring set. Double the fashion, double the fun.

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