Neon Color Outfits to Brighten Up Your Spring Wardrobe

If you think that hues and pastels are boring, trying neon is not a bad idea at all. During spring and summer, we can see neon colors in every store; neon accessories, bags, belt, shoes, tops and etc. If you just want to try the trend, but don’t want to travel too far outside of your comfort zone, stick with neon accessories. Pair one neon color in all-neutral outfit that is look effortless yet you will still manage to capture of the attention.

The great ways to tackle two trends at once is by colorblocking and for the biggest fashion risk-taker, all neon is a showstopper. Consider wearing it on the right occasion; neon look good on beach parties, parties- but if your workplace is not too formal then neon pants or tops could look good but in an office having a formal environment only satchel in neon colors is suggested. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun with it because neon is
meant to be crazy and wild. Now check out these 8 neon color outfits to brighten up your spring wardrobe below.

1. Pleat Skirt In Neon Green


This neon green pleated skirt is so adorable. When the weather is a bit cold in spring, you can pair it with a grey turtleneck to warm you neck, simple shirt, puffer jacket and heeled ankle boots.

2. Roll Neck Long Sleeve Body In Neon Green


A simple neon shock outfit that you can try. Just pair this long sleeve with a jeans and compliment your look with large earrings and strap heels.

3. Washed Neon Sweatshirt


Embrace your bright side with this neon washed sweatshirt in a sugary sweet color. Tuck into some black denim to make the color really stand-out.

4. Neon Leather Belt Bag


A shocking neon color between the neutral outfit; brow quilted cotton vest, vinyl flared pants, white turtleneck, checked wool-flannel shirt and complete it with leather mules and hoop earrings.

5. Long Sleeve Dress


Go all neon with this sleeve dress and neutral it with white shoes.

6. Wool Blazer


A simple tee and jeans with a shocking pink wool blazer.

7. Small Logo Pouch


Or try to choose neon color for your bag to add a pop of color to your neutral look.

8. Soft Feel Oversized Sweater


Or playing with a neon oversized sweater with black pants.

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