2019 Amazing Women’s Fashion Trend Inspirations

Fashion style always changes every time. Almost every day there are new fashion models produced! We have seen various kinds of fashion that have become trends, whether fashion that looks cool or even looks weird and unique. Femalinea has summarized several fashion trends for 2019. Check it out!

  1. Plaid


Plaid has actually been trendy since the 1980’s. But the plaid trend is really a boom in 2019! Starting from Tartan Plaid to Gingham Plaid, everything can be combined and looks contemporary!

  1. Sequin



The sequin material turns out to be the best and biggest fashion material that is always used in 2019! Not to mention Hollywood actresses, such as Millie Bobby Brown who uses sequin dress at the SAG Awards.

  1. Dark denim


Even though many people say that light washed denim is more up-to-date, in fact dark denim remains trendy in 2019! This can happen because dark denim is more universal and can be mixed and matched with other fashion items. We can also use dark denim for all events!

  1. Trench coat


Trench coat is usually used for autumn or cold. But now trench coat is also very often used in Indonesia when it’s hot or cold! Trench coat can make our style look like a Parisian, the world’s biggest and best fashion city!

  1. Purple fashion


At the end of 2018, Pantone said that purple would be the color of 2019 and it turned out right! Purple is one of the most complex colors, because it can’t be carelessly combined with other colors. But in 2019, everyone can look cheesy by combining purple into her fashion!

  1. Fanny pack


Fanny pack or actually this waist bag is never used anymore because it looks like a seller. But because of the trend again in 2019, there are a lot of celebrities and ordinary people using fanny packs!

  1. Tracksuit


After being trendy in 2018 and starting to be abandoned, it turns out that trackuit is back in 2019. We can even meet everywhere, even at parties!


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