Bad Men’s Fashion Styles that You Must Avoid

Some people even consider thin people easier to choose the type of clothing. This opinion is not wrong, but that does not mean that all types of clothing and styles are suitable and good in a thin body. Especially for thin men, below are some styles of clothe that you should avoid!

1. Tight Clothes


Strict design is not a dress style that is suitable for thin men. Because these clothes expose someone’s thin body even more. Surely you don’t want to look straight in front of women. Also avoid clothing with elastic material.

2. Oversize clothes


Oversize clothes will make a thin man look like a child who wears adult clothes. It’s better if you wear clothes that are fit on your body, not the leeway or narrowness.

3. One Color Head to Toe


Use one color from the tip of the hair to the tip of the foot will only emphasize how thin your body is, especially if the color worn is black. Use different boss and subordinate colors to show different parts of your body.

4. Large Pattern


There are rules in the world of fashion which say that the pattern of a garment is directly proportional to the size of the body of the person wearing it. If you want to wear patterned clothes, wear clothes with small checkered patterns (gingham pattern), thin stripes (thin stripe), or other small-sized patterns.

5. V-Neck


V-Neck shirts, especially those that are very wide down (deep V-neck), are not suitable if used by thin men because this shirt will show a bulge of bone around the neck and chest. It’s better to use a shirt with a round collar (crew-neck) to make it more attractive.

6. Crop Jacket


Crop Jacket is also a dress style that is not suitable for thin men because it will make a person’s body look smaller. It’s better to use other types of jackets which of course can make you more cool, like bomber jackets, jeans jackets or varsity jackets.

7. Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans are often considered the right pants for thin men. But in fact, skinny jeans actually clarify the skinny legs of users. You better just wear straight fit jeans so that your legs look fuller. Don’t forget to mix with your favorite sneakers!


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