Modern Men’s Fashion Styles that Make You More Stylish

Shirts, jeans, or T-shirts have become items that must be in the men’s closet. But, men’s fashion alone is more than that! This time, Femalinea try to peel some kinds of modern men’s styles that make you look more cool and attractive. Check it out!

1. Basic


Ever heard the term less is more right. Really, basic styles tend to be plain but look modern! Black shirt or plain white shirt, combined with a beautiful slim fit jeans model, and neutral color sneakers. Guaranteed you will glance at people.

2. Casual


Casual style is to wear a polo shirt with shorts and sneakers or sandals for a casual look, or a long patterned shirt, lightweight blazer and your favorite jeans. Also use a bomber jacket that can make your appearance more stylish as a layer.

3. Formal


Long-sleeved shirts that have to be ironed neatly plus trousers, and loafers or loafers will make you look formal. Add a suit for a more formal occasion such as a wedding or dinner bro! Ties can be additional accessories if necessary.

4. Street-wear


Street-wear style is the most hits among modern men today. Long t-shirts or plain slim fit shirts, jogger jeans or trousers and never forget to use sneakers are street-wear style tips 101. Limited edition nike shoes and snapback hats are a plus for you.

5. Sporty


Identical sporty style with plain t-shirts and windbreaker jackets. Plus running shoes, aka running shoes, which are already trendy (from yesterday’s years), plus shorts or sweatpants that make your activities more free. Yes, that is a modern Sporty man.

6. Vintage


The last style is a man with a vintage style. Men with this category really like “retro yet sophisticated styles”. Neat tidy, jeans, leather boots, a jeans jacket or denim jacket, and a button-down chambray shirt maximize this style


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