Amazing Casual Fashion Styles Use White Shirts

In fact, almost every people has a white shirt in the closet. This basic item can be a fashion item that is easy to combine. The following is a summary of the casual styles that you can example for those of you who want to look cool and fashionable but simple. Only by using a white shirt, you can be the center of attention in the public space. Check it out.

  1. White T-shirt and flannel shirt


Pair your white shirt with a flannel shirt, it will look comfortable and relaxed to go anywhere. With this simple appearance it will make you look more stylish.

  1. Oversize sweater and ripped jeans


For you who like to wear closed clothes, you can try matching this white oversize sweater with ripped jeans. The semi rebel style will make you look more fashionable.

  1. Checkered pants and long-sleeved jersey


Plaid pants with white long-sleeved sweatshirt make you look more eye catching. You can use this fashion style to go to the mall or hang out with your friends.

  1. T-shirt and baggy pants


For men, you can mix your white shirt with baggy pants. This style will make you feel comfortable but very simple to wear.

  1. T-shirt and bomber jeans


Very Chic! This style is one of the fashion styles that is up to date, especially in 2019. This fashion style does not look old with bomber jeans.

  1. Shirt and gladiator sandals


This long white shirt looks very cute when combined with gladiator sandals. This style is very comfortable for you to wear.

  1. Chiffon material


This white shirt made from chiffon will be very comfortable to go to college, especially if you wear loose pants. You won’t feel hot and hot using this outfit.

  1. High-waist shirts and jeans


This white shirt with high-waist jeans makes you look vintage and cute. You will look trendy and neat with this look. You must try it girls!


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