Boyish Style Inspirations that Make Women More Stylish

Boyish style is one of the women’s fashion styles that are widely used by fashion lovers. Women with boyish style usually like look simple. If you don’t want to look monotonous, you can try some OOTD tips for tomboy girls below. Check it out.

  1. Wide legged pants are new idol




For you who do not like to be complicated and want to move freely, you must have a wide legged pants that is very present. Indeed, idols are already complex, comfortable to wear, fashionable too. Just mix with your favorite shirt.

  1. Pair your culottes with unique cut out blouse


Are you bored of wearing T-shirts? You can try match it with wide legged pants or your culottes with a unique cutout blouse. Still can be cool and fashionable impression anyway.

  1. Denim jackets are indeed irreplaceable


For boyish and ignorant girls like you, denim jackets are icons that can’t be missed. Want any style, a denim jacket can be a savior. Your style won’t be monotonous, especially if you mix it with bright colored pants.

  1. Wear army motif pants


Army motifs have been idols in the 2000’s. Army pants can maximize your appearance in 2019. You can combine it with a jumper jacket and denim jacket. It’s cool right?!

  1. Wear a patterned shirt


As a tomboy girl, you tend to wear clothes with simple and ordinary pieces, like shirts and shirts. You can also choose a shirt that is patterned like this birdy style.

  1. Bomber jackets


The frequency of wearing a denim jacket will be boring too. Try replacing it with a bomber jacket which also hits now.

  1. Jogger pants and T-shirts


With placement and solid matching the right, plain shirts and jogger pants will be an exciting mix like the style of Cara Delevingne.

  1. Blazer and denim shirt


The right blend of colors will make your denim blazer and shirt connect and be solid and really interesting. You can still look simple with this boyish style. Cool right!


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