Popular Men’s Shoes Types that You Must Have

February 17, 2019

Shoes are one of the must-have fashion items. Besides being useful for protecting the feet, shoes can also increase the level of appearance. The shoes you wear will determine what your overall appearance looks like. The following are some types of shoes that men must have.

  1. Sneakers


You must have these shoes because you can make them a mainstay in any non-official event. Fun again you can easily integrate it with any boss. Starting from a rather formal shirt to a very casual t-shirt.

  1. Sport shoes or running shoes


Running shoes are also included in the mandatory items that you must have. These shoes will be very useful when you do sports. Whether it’s running, jogging, and other sports. Besides that, you can also use these shoes for casual styles.

  1. Oxford shoes or loafers



This is the official shoes that you must have. If you want the usual official shoes, you can drop your choice on loafers. But if you want to look old school, you can choose an oxford shoe model.

  1. Espadrilles shoes


These espadrilles shoes are also required. These shoes are very comfortable and relatively relaxed. Even so, the level of uniqueness is still above sport shoes or sneakers, so you can use it at any formal event.

  1. Boat


Besides espadrilles, boat shoes are also on the next list. These shoes can be used at official events but not like oxford or loafers. You will look more casual.

  1. Boot


If you want to highlight the masculine side, you have to enter the boot into your shoe list. Apart from boosting your appearance you can also wear these shoes to the office, to concerts, and ride motorbikes. Bad boy’s style makes the hearts of girls melt.

  1. Mountain shoes


In addition to booting, mountain boots must also be owned, especially those of you who like outdoor sports that adrenaline like riding a mountain. Besides make you more stylish, these shoes will also be useful. You can also combine it with jeans to meet the agenda of hanging out with friends.


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