Women’s Fashion Tips that Can Make You More Stylish

Look beautiful and stylish aren’t need capital. But remember, you must choose fashion style that is suitable for your body and your personality. Not only about branded clothes, there are several ways that can make you look stylish without needing a lot of effort. Check it out.

1. Don’t cover your shortcomings! Wear clothes that you really like


Accept yourself, so it’s the main key so you can look stylish. Appreciate our bodies, by using whatever you like. Don’t let it cover your confidence.

2. Try different fashion items, to experiment with your style


Let me not be bored, try making a new experiment for your style. You can play with colors or dress models, you know, making you look stylish.

3. Don’t be afraid to make mix and match patterns


Usually clothes with lots of patterns are often avoided because they will make the body look big. Even though, as long as you know the right match, the motives can make your appearance more okay. Kayak combines it with leggings and high heels.

4. Try outfit that you think is “really not me”


Try using an outfit that you don’t think is your taste. Sometimes we say that because we haven’t tried it, who knows you will like it right?

5. Try playing with accessories rich in necklaces or earrings, so that your appearance doesn’t look boring


Accessories are important!. You can use necklace or earrings accessories to make your style more stylish. Guaranteed your appearance will be more attractive.

6. Simple fashion use white item


Black or white is the safest choice. If you are confused about going to an event using what clothes, these two colors can make your appearance look safe.

7. Show your body shape, with high-waist pants or use a belt


Show your shape! Do you want to be thin or full? You must show out how proud you are of your body. You can use high-waist pants or wear a belt.

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