2019 Fashion Inspirations with Living Coral Color

Pantone, which is a company with color standards used throughout the world, released a color that is predicted to be booming in 2019, namely living coral.

This blend of orange, gold and red colors reflects softness, optimism and joy for the wearer. Living coral which is a coral reef is considered as a natural color that can describe balance. You can make some of your colorful living coral fashion items in 2019.

  1. Living Coral Polo


Polo is one of the mandatory jerseys for men, combining a casual shirt design but coupled with a collar that can make you neater, a polo shirt must be owned by every man. This polo living coral shirt can be one of your fashion items in 2019.

  1. Living Coral Shirt


Your shirt can show casual with living coral color. Men who wear the colors of living coral will be more warm, friendly and pleasant. You can also use it to work or study on a relaxed weekend. So cool right!

  1. Living Coral Chinos


Chinos colored living coral pants make an item of fashion statement that matches you with your basic clothes. It can also make you more chic.

  1. Living Coral Sneakers


When wearing sneakers it is your chance to explore your fashion because your appearance will be extra casual. Living coral  sneakers can also be an option to make your appearance more attractive.

  1. Living Coral Backpack


A sporty backpack can also be an option in dressing a living coral. A simple backpack makes the color of living coral a concern for anyone who looks at you.

  1. Living Coral Sweater


The color of the living coral is very suitable for you to match it with neutral colors like navy and gray. Classic accessories such as stainless steel watches will also add to your appearance on point. So stylish guys!

  1. Living Coral Hat


A sporty baseball cap with black or navy is very common. It’s time for you to explore the colors of your clothes more with colored living coral hats. This color will automatically make you look friendly.

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