Amazing Outfit Inspirations from Men’s Celebrities

The casual style of his mother’s men shows everyday clothes that are relaxed, comfortable, and not complicated. For the best inspiration you can emulate some of the styles of these male celebrities. They can still look charming in public with their casual style. Check it out!

  1. Simple with dark colors from Shawn Mendes


One thing that is consistent with Shawn’s casual look, is the dark, macho and fashionable outfit. Plain shirts are often equipped with leather jackets or cardigans. For subordinates, Shawn is always loyal to black jeans and sneakers. So genius right!

  1. Men’s casual style street style from Justin Bieber


It has a distinctive favorite color, namely purple (bluish). His young age is very suitable for rocking street style! The flagship is a high-top type sneakers that are combined with over-sized shirts and torn jeans.

  1. Dandy casual look from Benedict Cumberbatch


This dandy style look you can really make an idea when you have to look formal but still want to highlight the relaxed side. The key is you only need to avoid using ties and loafers. Change with strappy sneakers, and rely on messy hair.

  1. Youthful look from Chris Pine


Even though he is already in his 30’s, the casual style of men he carries makes his appearance look youthful! Pine usually chooses long-sleeved tops with V-shaped collar models. You can also combine it with denim trousers, then complete with bright plain sneakers. So cool right!

  1. Motifs theme from Zac Efron


You can combine a motif shirt with old denim and modern sneakers to make you look more stylish. You can also roll your arms and wear sunglasses. So suave !

  1. Simple and stylish from Lee Min Ho


Min Ho prefers men’s casual style that is practical and doesn’t seem complicated. He chose a sweat-shirt as a boss. Unlike the others, Min Ho preferred motifs or chino. Slip-on is the right choice to combine with your plain casual. So cool guys!

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