Amazing Wedding Veils Types for Your Special Day

Wedding Veil has always been a trend that is always fresh and widely used by brides. Wedding veil is the final touch that will make your appearance more perfect. Before you pick a veil, you need to find out if it’s quite compatible with your dress, face shape, hairstyle and wedding venue.

  1. Birdcage Veil


For most brides in vintage and retro style, the birdcage veil is the perfect accessory. For maximum appearance you can combine it with red lipstick and unique vintage jewelry.

  1. Blusher Veil


If you like the look with a more mysterious charm, then the veil blusher can be the right choice. Add volume to your hairstyle and make your cheeks blush more. With a veil blusher, you will look classic and modern.

  1. Juliet Cap


If you want a dramatic look or want to look a little bohemian, Juliet Cap should be the choice. Juliet cap is one of the classic and unique veils. Let your hair loose with simple decorations to make everyone fascinated.

  1. Shoulder Length Veil


This type of veil is perfect for those of you who like traditional touches but still simple and not hassle, especially if you have to dance with a partner. This choice is also very appropriate for you who do not want to cover the beauty of your wedding dress.

  1. Elbow Length Veil


If you want to cover your shoulder area or frame your face, the length veil elbow is the best choice. This model is also great for enhancing details around your waist or completing your hairstyle.

  1. Fingertip Veil


This is a veil that is perfect for those of you who like the classic style but are still simple and easy to move. However, you can still freely choose any hairstyle with a choice of your favorite dress models.

  1. Waltz Veil


This model is also known as ballet veil which has a length up to the calf. This type can also be made with any hairstyle.

  1. Chapel Veil


Veil that almost touches the floor will give a dramatic and elegant impression when you walk towards the wedding stage.

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