Most Update Bridesmaids Dress Color Inspirations

As a bride, there are many things that must be prepared. Bridal clothing is one detail that must be prepared carefully, because the wedding day will only happen once in a lifetime. Apart from bridal clothes, the companion’s clothes must also be considered. Here are some of the most update color inspirations for bridesmaids dresses.

  1. Soft Pink


This color is a favorite of many brides who want their bridesmaids to look beautiful in a simple way. They will also look very girly and feminism.

  1. Gray


Gray can be the color inspiration for other bridesmaids dresses. You can also get a modern and minimalist impression from this color. You can also choose gray if you like neutral tones.

  1. Maroon


Do you want an elegant look? You can choose maroon color. This color can also give your bridesmaids elegant and luxurious look.

  1. Navy


You can choose navy color as a color inspiration for modern themed bridesmaids dresses. If you wear a navy-colored dress, then your bridesmaid looks sophisticated.

  1. Burnt Orange


You can select the orange burnt color for soft colors. This color is earth tones which can bring a classic look. If you apply a vintage theme to your wedding, the color of orange burnt is the perfect choice.

  1. Violet


Violet color gives a romantic impression and can always make a sweet impression that is not excessive. Dress with simple details is okay, but if added with an accent make it even more beautiful!

  1. Burgundy


The burgundy color gives the impression of luxury and elegance for a dress. This color is also suitable as the color inspiration for bridesmaids dresses with bold tones, so that the contrast of the wedding dress looks.

  1. Dark Green


Another bold color that you can choose is dark green. The color is very suitable for outdoor wedding themes. Dark green is also an anti-mainstream color to be used as a women’s dress.

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