Popular Men’s Hat Models that You Must Have

As accessories, the existence of hats is often underestimated and even forgotten by many men. Even though the hat can support your appearance to be more cheerful. Especially in the summer this time, there are various types of men’s hats that can protect your head from the hot sun. Check it out.

  1. Fedora


Speaking of Fedora, surely you immediately remembered Bruno Mars. The distinctive feature of this type of male hat is the notched crown section on the upper part that wrinkles extending to the front of both sides. In addition, a fedora hat also has a wide brim, and is made of felt material or a thick cloth of fine fur.

  1. Snapback


This type of hat has a large head circle with a hard flat cap tongue. Snapback is usually often used to complement the casual or sporty style with t-shirts, jeans and flagship sneakers.

  1. Newsboy hat


The next type of man’s hat has a small and stiff brim on the front. Some of them have buttons at the top as sweetener accents. Even though it seems traditional and old school, this hat is suitable for you who like classy or vintage style for casual and formal look.

  1. Beanie


Beanie is made of wool yarn and is suitable for use when cold. Unlike the other hat forms, the skullcaps will encircle the head in full, without the visor, and without edge.

  1. Boater hat


Boater has the characteristics of an inflexible edge, a flat top, and is decorated around the bottom of the crown. Boater is very suitable as a head accessory to maximize your appearance with a suit or blazer along with an elegant tie.

  1. Bucket hat


This type of men’s hat is designed with a wide and downward sloping brim. This hat is so light that it is often relied on as a shield from the hot sun. Bucket hats are generally made of soft cotton material.

  1. Bowler hat


The last type of male hat is a bowler hat. Made from thick and stiff wool with a rounded crown. Charlie Chaplin love this hat model too.

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