Best Combinations of Off-Shoulder for Women

March 2, 2019

When the weather is hot, off-shoulder tops are one of the most appropriate to choose from. This item can make you cooler. This item also makes the display more elegant and beautiful. Off-shoulder models or Sabrina have many stylish shapes. Check out some of the following mix and match inspirations from off-shoulder tops.

  1. Choose Bright Colors


Choose solid on the off shoulder with colors that are shaky aka bright. Choose orange or other colors that remind you of the beach. You can also pair it with skirt or pants. It can make you more free and anti-hot but still fashionable. So cool right!

  1. Play with Pattern




You can choose bright colors and can also use the type of pattern. You can choose off-shoulder that has a funny pattern. For example, polka-dot, lines, flowers, and so on.

  1. Pair with Short Pants


You can mix off-shoulder with short pants, especially during hot weather. You can choose matching colors, for example, bright blue off-shoulder, short-pants in dark blue.

  1. Contrasting Pattern


For those of you who like edgy look, contrasting patterns can be one alternative that can be chosen. This color style can make it look different. For example, off shoulder lines are combined with subordinates with a floral theme.

  1. Pair It with Skinny Pants


You can combine off-shoulder with skinny pants. This will make the display balanced. Or you can also combine off shoulder with culottes. With this style, your body will look taller, especially if you use wedges shoes or high heels.

  1. Hot pants and Cowboy Hat


The last off you can combine off-shoulder with hot pants and cowboy hat. This style will make your appearance look cool and sexy. This style is also suitable for use in summer. The eyes of all men will always be on you.

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