Best Women’s Fashion Color Inspirations in 2019

The 2019 fashion color trend will focus on the contrast between dark and light. You will see many dark colors like olive green and cobalt blue combined with bright, soft colors like sky blue. Look carefully, here are the colors that will happen in the world of fashion in 2019!

  1. Whiskey Brown


In 2019 it will be filled with warm shades and range from dark to light. The 2019 fashion color trend starts with warm whiskey brown colors that wrap like liquor. The color is so natural, similar to wood patterns, very suitable for use in summer.

  1. Living Coral


Pantone said Living Color as the color that will be hot in 2019. In accordance with the 2019 fashion color trend concept that prioritizes warmth and comfort.

  1. Cherry Red


Good news for those of you who are bold in spirit, 2019 will be a period where cherry red will happen. This color is ideal for displaying an elegant impression with a little retro touch.

  1. Yellow Buttermilk


Lee Mathew’s fashion label is not wrong when lifting the buttermilk yellow color in his 2019 collection. This color emits tropical energy and is very well used in the fashion concepts of dark and bright dichotomy. Suitable for you who want to stand out with a maxi dress or military button-up.

  1. Blue Powder


This time, the fashion industry popularized softer powder blue colors. Karla Špetić has given an example with a semi-off-shoulders dress and successfully stole the attention on the runway. Suitable for you who are feminine and want to look fresh. So cool right!

  1. Fuchsia Pink



Pink remains a favorite of designers. A passionate, luxurious feel emitted through pink fuchsia still makes many people fall in love. Fuchsia Pink has managed to make people’s views fixed on your outfit.

  1. Sage Green


One of the most interesting elements displayed by the models on the runway is pleated patterned upholstery with soft sage green colors. You can imitate the style of Camilla and Marc that features a formal sage green outfit.

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