Mix & Match Fashion Tips for Career Women

March 2, 2019

As a career woman, professionalism is the key to success. Professionalism consists of work ethic, communication style, and appearance. Maintaining appearance is very important for career women and can’t be careless in using clothes. In order to stay fashionable and not look relaxed, you can listen to the following mix & match fashion tips for career women!

  1. Blazer Plus Dress


If the dress you have is not sleeveless, then the blazer will be the best savior. To make it look more feminine, add beautiful accessories such as gold necklaces. So stylish, ladies!

  1. Puffed Sleeves


If you are among those who like vintage nuances, you should try wearing a shirt with bulging arms like the one above. Besides looking artsy, you can also look more playful with accents on your shoulders! It’s so easy right!

  1. Sporty


For conditions that are not too formal, never hesitate to wear clothes that are a little sporty. This mix ‘n match model will match any type of shoe. Starting from flat shoes, sport shoes, to stilettos. Choose a watch with a sporty style to complement this career women’s fashion style.

  1. Shirts and Pencil Pants


In 2018 this blend of shirts and pencil pants is still the mainstay of fashion for career women. The simple style will actually make you look more professional. With this model pants, you can be comfortable with activities. To make it look more stylish, use your favorite high heels! It’s so gorgeous!

  1. Printed Pants


You can use patterned pants and combined with a motif or plain blazer. To make it look more chic, you can also combine the dress with a blouse. If you are wearing a hijab, you can simply add the hijab to the model that you want. So cute right!

  1. Denim Style


In order to be used as office clothing, denim only needs a more formal blend. An example is the black skirt and flat shoes worn by Jennifer Garner. With the right blend, denim will make you look casual and youthful at the same time. So wonderful, ladies!

  1. Cardigan


You can copy the style of Victoria Beckham’s fashion style. You can combine a neutral strapless dress with a dark cardigan to get a warm impression. Don’t forget to add a leather belt to make it look more stylish. So cool right!

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