Best Women’s Beauty Trends in 2019

The alteration of the year is often accompanied by changing trends. Starting from fashion trends, interiors, to beauty. As we know there will always be new things that decorate every day. Glass skin and freckles makeup are some of the trends that color the world of makeup during 2018. Then, what about 2019? Check it out!

  1. Foiled eyes-shadows


2019 is predicted to be the year for foiled eyes-shadows to shine. Eyes-shadow foiled can make the appearance of the eyelids glow and look wet. This product is usually in the form of metallic eyes-shadows or loose pigments, and requires a wet brush to apply it to the eyelids. Try applying to the inside of the eyelid or to the center of the eyelid as a highlight. So what are you waiting for!

  1. Ombre nails and shimmer nails


In 2019, there are many beauty enthusiasts use nail trend for their style.. However, the two most prominent trends are ombre nails and shimmer nails. Ombre nails can give the appearance of elegant and charming nails, but to get subtle gradations requires a high level of expertise. So cool ladies!

  1. Berry lips


In 2019, the color of berry lipstick is predicted to become a trend throughout the year. Whatever type of lipstick, the color of the berry will be sought by makeup lovers. So sweet right!

  1. Glossy makeup


A glossy makeup theme will come back and will be popular throughout 2019. You have to replace matte lipstick into lip gloss. You also need to make the appearance of the skin and eyes makeup more shiny. It’s so sexy right!

  1. Natural lash lifts


In 2019, the trend of lash lift care will become popular. The results of this lash lift give the appearance of natural eyelashes more supple. You can also get this treatment to a beauty salon, or do it yourself at home. So let’s do it!

  1. Lilac hair and Gray hair


Lilac hair color which had become a trend in 2016, will be back in popularity in 2019. The color of Gray will also  popular in fashion style and women’s accessories. So cool right!

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