Light Color Fashion Tips from Korean Celebrities

Wear outfits such as pants and skirts with bright colors is often avoided by most people because they are considered difficult to combine. It is worn in neutral colors like white, beige, or black which are more often worn as subordinate clothing. Actually it’s not difficult to keep look fashionable even though you have to appear with brightly colored clothes. You can imitate the way of Korean Celebrities outfits ideas.

  1. Combination of white and light green


For example, like this one style Kim Yoo Jung that combines dark green skirt with white tops. To make it look more matching, shoes and bags were chosen to complement the chic appearance of this young Korean celebrity.

  1. Combination of white and light blue


Examples are just like this one style performance of Jun Ji Hyun artist. Although there are other color details namely yellow, the presence of white and black elements in the worn outfit makes the appearance still look neutral.

  1. Combination with gray


Gray is classified as a dark color and is suitable for combination with various other colors. When wearing brightly colored subordinates like purple like Kim Yoo Jung, you can try to combine them with gray for your boss and appearance accessories.

  1. Combination with pattern top


Sunmi combines a pattern top with short pants which have similar color. So even though wearing even patterned clothes, Sunmi’s appearance still looks chic.

  1. Combination of light red 


In appearance with bright red pants, Nana looks to combine it with a colorful patterned tops. Even so, Nana’s appearance remained matching, right. This is due to the presence of red elements also between the colors of clothing.

  1. Accessories with same color


For example, shoes, hats, necklaces or bags, you can match the colors of the pants you wear. You don’t have to be really the same color! Enough to choose colors that are similar to each other.

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