9 Women’s Fashion Items You Should Have in Wardrobe

Do you often feel confused when choosing clothes? If you have 9 items of this fashion, it’s guaranteed to choose clothes to be easier. Because this item is very necessary and easy to mix and match. Here are some fashion item that you must have in your wardrobe. Check it out.

  1. Blazer


You can use blazer at work, or during a hangout when paired with jeans. You can choose any color but black is the safest. Apart from matching with any color, black blazers tend to look suspicious even though they are worn for days.

  1. Cardigan


Choose a cardigan with any type, motif, and material in accordance with the wishes and tastes of Ladies. Cardigan is very practical to use if you are lazy to dress seriously.

  1. Basic color shirts (black, white, gray)


You must provide basic colored shirts (black, white or gray) and also your favorite color.  So, you will not confused in choosing clothes.

  1. Jeans Pants and jeans skirt


As we know, Jeans pants and jeans skirt are really must-have-items because they are very, very easy to mix and match. There are various types of pants and jeans skirts that Ladies can adjust to the situation and conditions.

  1. Colorful jeans


Colorful jeans are starting to be noticed again thanks to SNSD’s video clip, ‘Gee’. But besides that, colorful jeans are very useful because they can make boring clothes fun.

  1. Denim jacket


Like jeans, you can combine denim jackets with any clothes. So, you must have this item in your wardrobe.

  1. Moto jacket


Want to look cool and edgy right away? Just use the moto jacket, Ladies! This jacket will make your appearance complex but beautiful, unique and cool. ?

  1. Black dress


A beautiful black dress will make your look okay in the morning and evening just by changing accessories!


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