Best Women’s Fashion Color Trends in 2019

Colorful clothes, such as bright pink, orange, or bright green are often avoided because they are too annoying. Soft colors like pastel, or neutral colors, like black and white are usually the main choices. You have to try to combine color clothes to change the atmosphere and appearance. Here are some color inspirations that will become a trend in 2019. Check it out!

  1. Fuchsia


Forget the pink millennial colors that are currently trendy. Let’s try wearing this fuchsia color as a statement. To balance it, use neutral colored accessories, also apply the thin makeup only. It’s so chic right!

  1. Red chili


The red color of chili seems to be gaining attention earlier this year. Like fuchsia, you can combine with neutral colored accessories. But if you are brave enough, you can wear this red chili from head to toe.

  1. Orange


Many people avoid orange or orange because this color tends to be unusual in clothing. Orange is usually very suitable for use as an outer, such as coat, sweater, or blazer. It can also make your style more sweet like an orange fruit.

  1. Yellow


Yellow can be a super beautiful color and make Ladies look fresh. But remember you have to choose the right yellow to match your skin color. With this color you will always shine at any time. So shining ladies!

  1. Electric blue


This blue color will be super cute combined with the all-black wardrobe. Your black clothes won’t be boring anymore! You can also combine it with other neutral colors, like white or gray. So cool right!

  1. Living coral


Maybe many people don’t know about this one type of color. Many designers claim that living coral will be a popular color in 2019. This color can make you look soft and cool.

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