Most Stylish Men’s Fashion Inspirations in 2019

  1. Coral and Pink


Since Pantone launched the 2019 color trend in late 2018, the colors of Coral always appear to dominate on the runways of London, Milan and Paris. This pink color comes in various forms. For example, tux Loewe by Jonathan Anderson to sneakers at Louis Vuitton.

  1. Oversize


Now is the time to dress more relaxed but not simple. T-shirts, shirts and pants are oversize. Besides being more comfortable, it makes it look more relaxed (again not relaxed, but relaxed). Tight skinny pants will make the wearer look very old.

  1. Hybrid Tailoring


Modification of the tux suit on Loewe is also very character and wearable. Then from Milan, Alessandro Sartori for Zegna Couture made a blouson jacket with a sporty coat jacket that is strong. So, this year, tailoring & suits are definitely back!

  1. Quirky Glasses


The glasses used must give a strong statement and character to the overall appearance. Prada with light blue eyeglass frames, Zegna Couture with red glass to Louis Vuitton that emits colorful rainbow glass. You will look more stylish with this accessory.

  1. Men’s Purse


Handbags have become part of the style of men nowadays too. Cross body bag, of course, has its own style on the wearer. Now, the conservative briefcase model changes with more flexible forms.

  1. Sneakers


Sneakers still dominate every runway. Various models of sneakers are born with innovations that are different from each brand. Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton made sneakers with screens that could broadcast animation and shine in dark places. So cool right!

  1. Bowl Hair Crop


You must Forget the pompadour hair and the bright, luminous hair. Now is the time to have hair with bangs flat on the forehead and short extreme on the back. Even John Lennon’s style of hair, called Bowl Hair Crop, is again popular but with more modern pieces.

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