Smart Fashion Tips to Make Your Buttocks Sexier

Have a full and tight butt is a dream of many women. Unfortunately, not all women are lucky to have a tight and full buttocks. But take it easy, with the right fashion tricks, you will have a beautiful butt in just a short time. Check out the following tips to make the butt appear fuller.

  1. Highlight the waist line


The first tip you can do is to highlight the waist line. Choose clothes that highlight the waist line. You can also avoid use shapeless clothing or not forming the waist

  1. Don’t shy to show feet


The next tip you can do is don’t hesitate or hesitate to show your feet. If your beautiful foot curves are seen, it will make the buttocks lift even more.

  1. Choose a Pencil Bottom or a tulle or tutu skirt


The next tips you can do is wear a pencil subordinate, either pants or skirt. This way, the buttocks will look fuller and plump. So smart right!

  1. Wear a skirt or horizontal motif shirt


Clothes, dresses or skirts that have horizontal motifs will make you wear them look more feminine and elegant. This type of clothing motif like this will also frame the hips, and make the butt look more rounded. So easy right!

  1. Choose crop top with short skirt or hot pants


The combination of crop top and hot pants or short skirts will really make the waist and buttocks look more perfect. The look will be elegant and beautiful in an instant. This will make the buttocks look bigger and fuller.

  1. Choose clothes that fit the body


The last tip you can do is to wear clothes that fit the body. Choose material that is made from elastic material that can accentuate the buttocks and make it more round. For a more maximal appearance, you can add to wear high heels.

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