2019 Makeup Styles with Living Coral Colors

March 16, 2019

Some time ago The Pantone institution officially announced the latest color trends for 2019, living coral. The soft color with this golden undertone presents warmth and energy that can be used for various aspects. One of them is the world of cosmetology. Color combinations in the art of makeup make it an amazing trend.

  1. Charming Sunset Eyes with smockey look


Bring the sunset vibe to your eyes, girls. The technique is almost the same as smokey eyes, ie you have to lay around about three colors of eyes-shadows from light to dark. Start with peaches and light browns, then apply the darkest shades. So cool right !

  1. Blush-on coral for beautiful cheeks


Before using blush-on coral, first choose shades that match your skin color. Blush-on peach or light coral is suitable for owners of fair / light skin colors. As for medium / dark skin tones, you can choose the deep coral.

  1. Combine coral colors with other contrasting colors


Playing coral colors along with other contrasting colors should also be tried. Especially for the eyes, you can try combining a young orange eyes-shadows on the petals and light blue at the inner corner of the eye. Besides being eye-catching, this display is also playful. It’s so nice!

  1. Glossy lids with thin shimmer charms


Use bright coral colored eyes-shadows with thin shimmer mixture for glossy lids. Instead of using a brush, it is better to use fingers when applying it to the eyelids to get thick pigmentation. So shinning right!

  1. Combine coral makeup with complementary colors


To give the best appearance, you can combine coral makeup with complementary colors. Examples like soft pink, brown, blue and beige colors. Guaranteed, your appearance will be more charming. So easy  right!

  1. Coral lipstick for the appearance of pouty lips


Do you want your lips to look sexy? The trick is easy. Just apply coral-colored matte-liquid lipstick to a little outside the lip line. You can also add enough neutral lip gloss to give a filled, wide and juicy lip effect. It’s so cute ladies!


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