Best Accessories that Make You Look Stylish in 2019

March 16, 2019

The accessories trends in 2018 is still dominated by street-wear style, but it is different from 2019. The fashion trend starts to move slowly to the classic and feminine style with modern designs. As we know in 2018 bucket hats and small sunglasses are a favorite, get ready to store them in a closet because 2019 will change to a larger and classic model. Here are some accessories trends that will make your style stylish in 2019.

  1. Belt Bag


Fanny pack worn across the neck has become a favorite bag model throughout 2018. But in 2019 the model evolves to become more modern and edgy. The shape resembles a belt and may come with a compartment to make it more functional. So simple right !

  1. XXL Tote Bag


If the belt bag is too small, an alternative is present in the model of a super large sized tote bag. Suitable for loading your luggage to the office or campus and to the gym together like Stella McCartney label alerts.

  1. Headband


Bucket hat will be replaced with a classic accessory, the headband. If you don’t want to look retro, wear a headband decorated with edgy studs. Not only suitable for going to a music concert but also a statement to style to a party. So cool right !

  1. Oversize Sunglasses


Save the small sunglasses that you bought in 2018. Because in 2019 the sunglasses design trend returned to a large size with a futuristic impressive square model. So stylish right !

  1. Chandelier Earrings


Model earrings do not escape the trend movement. In 2019, long earrings with crystal details dangling to the shoulder will be the main trend. A must have accessory to evacuate your favorite little black dress to be more luxurious.

  1. Heels Platform


For shoes, 2018 is the year for sneakers. But in 2019, designers offer classic shoe models such as platform heels. You can also try to choose in feminine pastel colors with crystal details like the collection from Miu-Miu.

  1. Pointy Boots


Alternative present for those who are reluctant to use platform heels, namely pointy boots. Choose black with detailed buckle strap to update your casual style of flagship T-shirt and jeans. So chic right !

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