Best Galore Stripes Style Inspirations for Women

In this year, the line motif has its own surprise for fashion lovers. If in the past it was only a horizontal line, this is the case with this year which offers detailed vertical lines. Yes, it’s galore stripes, the details of this vertical line motif do look far from conservative and can be a perfect choice for those of you who like to be different. A blazer-like outfit also looks catchy through the touch of this motif.

  1. Classy classic color


Now you can leave monochrome colors and you can choose colors with classic tones as another option for glam chic. You can copy the style of the image above.

  1. Ready casual


You can enjoy your casual moments with a simple but stylish galore stripes cullotes. You will also look elegant and relax with the outfit like the picture above. So classy ladies !

  1. Simple charming


Balance the contrasting lines with a simple design boss. The color of the navy member is elegant and maroon gives the impression of being more sensual in your appearance.

  1. Combine with motif style


Olivia Palermo did the galore stripes so well! A line motif combined with an outer statement makes it look ultra chic. The blazer style adds a unique impression and attractive colors.

  1. Opposite line style


Opposite line style can make you look stunning. You can also combine the head to toe with same color line motif. You will look funny and relax with this style. So cool ladies !

  1. Simple classy


For those of you who like classic styles, you can imitate this simple look. You will also look elegant and classy with this style. There’s nothing wrong with wear at the official moment. So great right !

  1. Bright colors are challenging


You can combine it with bright colors to make it look more stunning. This style is Very fresh combines. You will also look sweet and calm with this fashion mix. So shining ladies !

  1. Old nuance with modern


You can feel the nuances of 70’s by collaborating flared pants. Good and unique collaboration. You will also very charming with its old nuances. So beautiful right !

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