Women’s fashion Ideas for Spring/Summer 2019

March 16, 2019

In fall / winter 2018, neon colors were one of the main trends. And in the upcoming spring / summer 2019 fashion trends are change to classic style with quieter colors. Spring / summer doesn’t have to be associated with fun and flirty styles. Designers are now more focused on offering collections that have personal value and reflect positive spirit. Following are fashion trends for spring / summer 2019.

  1. Tie Dye


It’s time to update your casual style with tie dye pattern items. Famous brands like Prada package it into a mini dress embellished with embellishment details.

  1. Denim


You must have items made from denim. Denim appears to dominate in the spring / summer 2019 collection. You can choose faded blue for a cool style. For a more edgy style, also choose denim creations with the application of eclectic motifs.

  1. Bohemian


The designers of various famous fashion labels display bohemian styles. The easiest style you can wear is a blouse or a patterned dress and wear with a minimalist style outerwear for an urban and modern style. So easy right!

  1. Baby Doll


Baby doll re-appears as a fashion trend for spring / summer 2019. Chanel makes it memorable classic and fun thanks to the choice of black and details such as ruffles and ribbons.

  1. Beige


For spring / summer 2019 you must forget to use bright colors. You can wear neutral and calm colors like beige or chocolate. In order not to get bored, you can experiment with using an asymmetrical dress or interesting detail jacket. It’s so chic!

  1. Fishnet


The designers also try to explore with fishnet or jarring patterns for the spring / summer season trends 2019. This fashion comes in the form of sweaters, to skirts like the Dior collection. You can also apply this trend in accessories such as bags. So cute right!

  1. Contrast Motif


Are you bored using flowers or lines? You can try to combine motifs that are artsy and abstract. But remember to try the whole outfit in one color hue. It’s so amazing ladies!

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