Amazing Women’s Red Fashion Styles from Karlie Kloss

For some girls, wearing red items for appearance is usually avoided. The reason is because red is considered too attractive. For you to know that by adding red, it will give a firm impression on your overall appearance. The following are some inspirations using red outfits from Karlie Kloss.

  1. Sport pants


You can combine white shirts and black blazers as tops. Then for your pants you can choose red track pants with white side stripes to give a sporty impression, mix with white sneakers.

  1. Striped sweater


Choose a red sweater with black stripes. Combine with black trousers as well as matching high or low heels. So amazing girls!

  1. Bomber jacket


Blue top and bold red bomber? Why not? You can give the impression of color gradation on your boss (ocean blue) and jeans (light blue), then combine it with a bright red bomber jacket. Add black shoes and bags as a counterweight.

  1. Track pants


You can wear red track pants as statement items along with white shirts and sneakers. Not to forget, black bags are an important item for your additional appearance.

  1. Trousers


Show smart-casual style with a blazer and offset by sleek red trousers with flat soled mules. So beautiful right!

  1. Long blazer


If your appearance feels monotonous. You can try adding other items such as this long red blazer to highlight your overall appearance.

  1. Leather mini skirt


Are you a polka-dot lover? Well, you can still match it nicely by choosing a black polka dots white top. You can also combine it with flat ankle-strap shoes and a bag pouch.

  1. Maxi dress


Don’t be afraid to try plain red maxi dress. You can choose summery maxi dress that has accent straps or buttons to provide additional effects. You can also combine it with white flat shoes and b

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