Best Women’s Jeans and Heels Combinations Inspirations

Jeans are one of the classic fashion items that everyone has. So are heels for women. Classic look of matching jeans and heels is almost always never wrong. The following 7 jeans and heels fashion ideas can be an inspiration for OOTD Ladies. Check it out.

  1. Classic Feminine


The classic blend of ripped jeans with lace patterned heels and skin color is the best choice if you don’t want to look too dominant, but still look elegant. It can also make you look so cool and stylish.

  1. Summer Casual


Floral laced tops, classic blue jeans, and pink heels make your appearance look fresh and bright. You can also combine with a wide knit hat to add a summer feel to your appearance. So chic right!

  1. Blue and Velvet Jeans


Are you hesitant to combine jeans and heels? You need to try this one style. The classic suit between blue jeans and heels with velvet material will never be wrong to wear out. So sweet yeah!

  1. Black Classic Pump


Black Heels Pump and blue ripped jeans are a blend that you can use everywhere. Various types of tops will match with this mix. So classic right!

  1. Beautiful Pink


The look of jeans with pink heels and a big bag can be your choice. Add an outer with the same color and sunglasses to add accent to your outfit. It’s so sweet girls!

  1. Black and Yellow


Neon colors are becoming a new trend in the share of heels. One of the matching neon colors that can be tried is the equivalent of yellow heels with black jeans. You can also combine yellow neon heels with black jeans to make them look awesome. It’s so cool girls!

  1. Cheeky White


Want to look elegant? Match ripped blue jeans with white heels.This display will also make you become a lady-like instantly. So gorgeous right!

  1. Floral motif


Floral motifs have always been a trend of all time. The combination of floral motifs, classic black jeans and shirt tops can be worn. Try it for a workday, especially at Friday.

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