Bridesmaids Dress Color Inspirations for Dream Wedding

Marriage is a special moment for everyone. Everyone has their dream wedding (wedding dream). Prospective brides usually prepare all wedding supplies that take a long time to months. One item that must be prepared is the bridesmaid gown. Are you confused about what color for your best friend’s dress at the wedding later? Relax, these colors can be your reference!

  1. White


For your inspiration, you can see the picture above. You can also make bridesmaids dress with simple details, or off shoulder. White dresses for bridesmaids are fine, but remember not to be more luxurious than the wedding dress.

  1. Burgundy


This tulle dress model is very suitable to be used as bridesmaid gown. Your wedding will also look very special use this color.

  1. Nude


Furthermore, still with the tulle dress model, a nude colored dress can also make the bridesmaids look very charming. Such a lovely color!

  1. Dark Green


Do you want them to still look sexy? High slit dresses are the best choice! You must try this!

  1. Violet


Look at these violet dresses! The festive color can also make the party atmosphere more cheerful. So sweet right!.

  1. Burnt Orange


Do you like the soft colors? This earth tones one is perfect for dressing the color of your bridesmaid dress. Especially if the photo is the background of the wood walls so, the more realistic it is!

  1. Navy


You can also use blue for the color inspiration for the bridesmaids dress. This color will also make your appearance more beautiful and don’t forget the bouquet flowers.

    8. Gray


In fact, the gray color is very suitable for bridesmaids. You can make a dress with lace details so that your dress is more beautiful.

    9. Soft Pink


Almost everyone likes pastel colors, soft pink is one of them. As a favorite color, it’s no wonder that many brides choose this color as a color choice for bridesmaid dresses. So sweet right!

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