Men’s Fashion Items that Always Popular

March 22, 2019

Fashionable style doesn’t really need to be expensive. By choose the right fashion, we can look stylish whenever the season. This also applies to men. Here are some men’s fashion items that are always popular in fashion world.  Check it out

  1. Jeans


You can choose plain jeans  with detailed rips. You have to make sure the rips on the jeans don’t get above the knee because they reflect poor user behavior. The ripped jeans can make your style more stylish.

  1. White sneakers


White sneakers are very suitable for today’s clothing. So, make sure your white shoes are white, clean and stain free. You can use neutral colors like black, white or brown for a smart-casual style with white sneakers.

  1. Basic shirt


Basic shirts have become one of the most important fashion items from a long time ago. You must have several pairs of plain basic shirts that fit on your body, not too loose and not too tight.

  1. Basic sweater


Don’t worry you will look like you just came home from the gym when using a sweater. You should be able to look comfortable with this item. So sporty guys!

  1. Commuter backpack


Backpacks are suitable items combined with any clothing, for example casual and jean shirts or blazers and chinos. The backpack you choose must use premium material, quiet color (black, brown or navy), and have a minimal design with a simple zipper.

  1. Baseball cap


The word “snapback” may be more popular nowadays, namely a hat that was once known as a baseball cap. Just like a backpack, choose a hat that is also designed with cool material. Like leather or felt with cotton or synthetic material and certain motifs.

  1. Short fabric pants


Short fabric pants with dark colors can be a fashionable item when combined with a jacket or cotton shirt. These pants can be an alternative to trousers if you want to attend informal events such as garden parties.

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