Women’s Smart Inspirations to Combine Pants & Heels

Wide pants are back in town! Pants with loose and wide pieces are back into this year’s fashion trend and are expected to continue until next year. Middle wide pants are the choice of many women as their everyday clothes. Wide pants have several advantages for the wearer. This item can give a longer effect on the legs, especially for the petite Ladies, especially if combined with heels. Here are the inspirations!

  1. Meghan Markle


The Duchess of Sussex has often worn the outer coat with wide pants and heels since she married Prince Harry. On this occasion he wore a coat with wide pants and black heels.

  1. Kate Middleton


The Duchess of Cambridge is famous as a big fan of skinny jeans. But he was seen wearing the trend of wide pants, combined with dark green pumps in line with the blazer he used.

  1. Margot Robbie


This Harley Quinn actor combines wide pants made from jeans with high-heeled sandals. Do not forget to be combined with a blue colored coat. So chic right!

  1. Bella Hadid


Hadid combines a white top with a wide-patterned pants, and dark pumps. So if your subordinates are already crowded, mix with your boss and simple shoes, Ladies. It’s so gorgeous ladies!

  1. Victoria Beckham


Wide pants don’t have to be dark. You can copy the following appearance of Victoria Beckham, Ladies. Beckham wears bright red wide pants, a white sweater with red-yellow-black accents and platform heels. Don’t forget to mix with a red handbag and sunglasses.

  1. Blake Lively


Pastel colors can also be a choice, Ladies. Alloy wide pink pastel pants with white pumps patterned at the end you can copy from the following Blake Lively.

  1. Sienna Miller


Miller combines wide pants with heels and tops in the form of a loose shirt. Aside from being stylish, this alloy is very comfortable for everyday use. So cute right!

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