Amazing Tips and Tricks Use Fanny Pack

The latest fashion item trend this year will be enlivened by the presence of a fanny pack. Although not classified as new fashion accessories, there are still many people who are not familiar with this type of bag.

  1. Use fanny pack on your waist


Use a waist bag with contrasting colors and small to medium size at the front of the waist can be a strong fashion statement, you know. Avoid using a waist bag that is too big or with a complicated design so that it doesn’t disturb your overall appearance too much. So cute ladies!

  1. Use fanny pack like backpack


Want to get a sporty look, just use your fanny pack waist bag like a backpack by wrapping it around the back. With this backpack style you can get a more casual or sporty impression. So smart right!

  1. Hippie with a waist Bag on shoulder


For an anti-mainstream display with a fanny pack, hang the bag on your shoulder. To get the impression of a more hipster, use a waist bag with a fringe design that is rising. Guaranteed your appearance will be very present.

  1. Hang fanny pack on the chest for a casual look


One more way to get a casual look with a waist bag, namely by hanging it on the chest. Complete your casual look with casual fashion items such as plain shirts or denim jackets.

  1. Use like a handbag


Choose a waist bag with color that suitable with your top to get the best composition. You can also use bomber jacket to maximize your style. So cool right!

  1. Waist bag for a formal look


A waist bag or fanny pack can also be a choice of bags for a formal look. Use a Trench Coat and choose a leather waist bag with a sleek design. Wrap the waist bag around your hips and wear it like a waist belt. So stylish ladies!

  1. Simple with fanny pack on the back of the hip


The classic way to use a waist bag is to let it hang on the part of your hip. This style of wearing a fanny pack is best for casual wear with shirts and jeans. So simple right!

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