Amazing Vintage Fashion Inspirations for Women

Vintage style is always eternal. Many think vintage is still related to the word “boring”. Here are some inspirational vintage fashion styles to be implemented into your everyday appearance. Check it out!

  1. Romper


Rompers are a kind of overalls that have variations between skirts or shorts and are covered with a piece of shirt underneath. Rompers have been popularly used by young girls since the 40’s, and are often combined with a pair of stockings. Now, the romper is covered with an off-shoulder top to a halter neck sweater. So simple guys!

  1. Tennis Skirt


Tennis skirt is a type of skirt that has a multi-fold characteristic at the bottom and a form-fitting at the top, and is usually worn at the waist. Girls in the 50’s often wear skirts at the waist to give effect to the hourglass body silhouette.

  1. Flare Pants


Flare Pants is very popular in the era of the early 70’s and is synonymous with disco aesthetics that were booming at the time thanks to John Travolta. Now, various variations of Flare Pants are available in large quantities on the market, ranging from cropped flares to jeans flares. It’s so nice ladies!

  1. Shift Dresses


Shift Dress is a type of dress that has no definition at the waist so that it immediately straight falls from shoulder to knee, giving the wearer a “box” silhouette. Shift Dress can also be combined with plain stockings to fishnet underneath to enliven the appearance.

  1. Stripe Top


In the 70’s, colors from Stripe Top were dominated by yellow, brown and maroon palettes, and the color choices continued to evolve to the present. Stripe Top is very easy to combine and is suitable for use in any event, from casual to formal.

  1. Polkadots


In modern times, this motif is still commonly found in female superiors to other accessories such as headbands. So cute right!

  1. Classic Button-Up


Classic Button-Up is a type of shirt that is often used by women in the 40’s to the late 50’s. This shirt gives the impression of being polished and classy in appearance, and this classic shirt has begun to evolve as the years change. So cool right!

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