Best Bohemian Style Inspirations for Women

March 28, 2019

Now Bohemian style is developing as one of the fashion modes that are developing. With the development of the Bohemian style fashion style, you can also look cool with this style. Here are some bohemian fashion inspirations that you can emulate. Check it out!

  1. Combination of Various Colors and Materials


Don’t be afraid to combine clothes with folded denim pants and add simple fashion accessories like a dome-shaped bag!

  1. Simple But Stylish


A simple white blouse combination with strip skirt motif that is colored with a vintage feel. You can also use gladiator motif shoes on the feet in black. The color of the Red bag is also very compatible with the color of the skirt used.

  1. Use Pattern Pants!


The motif pants are currently being hit in the fashion world, especially in the Bohemian style! The pants actually show a favorite pattern for the Bohemian Style, which is a semi-gypsy paisley pattern, complete with a simple white tank top.

  1. Non Eccentric Style


You can wear a nomadic dress plus a dream catcher necklace with a gold accent that gives a classic look. Don’t forget to use brown shoulder bag. So chic ladies!

  1. Layering for More Fashionable Display


For a cooler Bohemian style look, you can also add a layer outside of the top clothing section and your pants. The style that can be chosen is the faux fur jacket inside and suede material outside. So cool right!

  1. Variety of Bohemian Style Combinations


This combination of denim jacket, skirt and bag with ethnic cultural motifs dares to be mixed with cowboy boot! This is a combination of unexpected styles, but still cool. So wear what you like!

  1. Combination of Denim and Accessories


You can use bold colors like pink, light yellow to make this look very interesting! With various accessories that meet the vest and denim skirt, you guarantee all eyes will be on you.

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