Best Combinations of Ultraviolet Outfits for Women

March 28, 2019

Color of the year in 2019 from Pantone is ultraviolet color. Pantone reveals that the selection of dark purple aims to portray authenticity, intelligence, and visionary thinking. For those of you who like purple, you definitely don’t want to be left behind to follow the color trend style in 2019. This time Femalinea will give you a mix and ultraviolet color match trick that can make you more stylish.

  1. Pair with bright colors


Because the ultraviolet color itself means bold and original, try to dare to combine purple with bright colors. Like orange for example.

  1. You can wear an outer


Purple is also suitable for use as an outer or jacket. Now try matching the white with the purple outer, then mix and match with soft purple subordinates.

  1. Additional colored accessories


Purple dress is also suitable to wear. Try to give a touch of gold like to waist or other accessories. And you can also add a necklace as an accessory.

  1. Dare the alloy in red


Purple can also be more alive if you combine it with red bold color. So if you succeed in combining this color, you will look stunning!

  1. Pair in yellow


Also try this ultraviolet color with a bright yellow color. Make a more fresh appearance

  1. Use purple on purple


Or you can also combine purple on purple. Will still look harmonious to wear.

  1. Ultraviolet footwear 


For matters of clothing alone is not enough, try this ultraviolet color you also apply to boots or shoes.

  1. Dress and bomber


Your black dress is no longer boring with the addition of ultraviolet colored bombers.

  1. You must be creative so you don’t get bored


For you who wear hijab, you can also combine purple as either a headscarf or a scarf, or as an outfit like a skirt, sweatshirt and much more.

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