Popular Women’s Hair Colors Inspirations in 2019

Not just fashion, hair color trends always change every year. For those of you who want to get a new look, you can start changing your hair color. However, make sure you know what hair color will be a trend next year. Look at some of the popular hair colors in 2019.

  1. Multi colors


Multi colors will be a trend again next year. Hairstyles like this will make you look fresher.

  1. Copper style


Sorrel or commonly called copper is also always a popular color, including for next year

  1. Pink Smokey


Pink Smokey is a new trend for those who like pink hair color. This hair will make you look more elegant and modern. This hair color can also make you look more girly.

  1. Charcoal


Instead of blonde, charcoal mink colored hair is popular in 2019. This hair will make your skin look brighter

  1. Cold brew


If you don’t want to appear too much, the color of cold brew can be your choice in 2019. Soft colors will make you look more stylish.

  1. Highlight Cream


Owners of curly hair must try the curl cream trend like this. A touch of highlight in the cream will make you look stunning

  1. Red


Flanner hair is the latest trend for red hair. This hair color usually uses a dye technique

  1. Toasted coconut


You can look more different in 2019 with this toasted coconut hair. This hair color is perfect for light-skinned women, but dark skinned women can also use it.

  1. Inky Black


Give the impression of rock with inky black colors like this hairstyle. You can add a leather jacket as an outer to look more stylish.

  1. Brunette


If you want a natural style, brunette colored hair can be your choice for 2019. This color will make you look more sexy.

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