Smart Ways to Wear Scarf in Winter

In some countries, winter will soon arrive. Appear comfortable and warm does not mean you have to be monotonous. Here are some winter style inspirations with a blend of scarves that can maximize your appearance.

  1. Attached to the neck


For a more effortless and faster style of scarf, you can immediately put your favorite scarf on your neck. This method can be done with a variety of scarves, whether patterned or plain. Maximize the warmth and deliver a thick scarf to feel the sensation of being hugged by a cloud.

  1. Bird nest model


For those who don’t like long dangling scarves, they can also arrange the arrangement to resemble a bird’s nest. Besides being comfortable, the bird’s nest model scarf is also very stylish when combined with winter wear attributes such as coat or sweater. This model scarf is suitable for use during winter temperatures.

  1. Neck wrap


Scarves arranged in a neck wrap are a combination of a scarf that is draped and a bird’s nest. Long scarves are tied once around the head, then draped from behind. Scarves arranged in neck wrap are very easy to combine with sweaters or material jackets and any motives, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

  1. Tied to be a dress


A super large scarf can not only be used as a blanket during sleep, but can also be used as a dress. Don’t forget to fasten it with a belt. If you want to make a poncho, first fold the shawl from corner to corner into a triangle.

  1. Put in a shirt


You can try inserting a scarf tail under the sweater before buttoning a jacket. Your appearance will look simpler and you will feel warmth.

  1. Blanket scarf


The characteristics of a blanket scarf are a wide scarf similar to a blanket on the chest, and tied to the back. Besides being able to be used in winter, this one scarf style is also suitable for use in autumn with thinner materials.

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