Smart Ways Use Wrap Ruffle for Daily Outfit

These ruffle wrap skirts or skirts with overlapped folds can make your appearance look beautiful and elegant when it comes to formal events or when hanging out. But, this one type of skirt can be a problem and looks excessive if you don’t know how to mix and match it. Are you interested in using ruffle wrap skirts to look cool and stylish? These are the inspirations, check it out!

  1. Combination with Pile Sleeve Tops


You can combine ruffle wrap skirts by wearing a white blouse or black pile sleeves for formal events to look more elegant, but cool. Don’t forget to use high heels to make your appearance more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Use together a Tight Plain Shirt


This combination is suitable and good for giving a silhouette to your body to make it look slim and attractive. You can use a variety of accessories ranging from long-tasseled earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories to make your appearance more vibrant and beautiful.

  1. Using a Top Tank and Cardigan


Basically, a skirt that has a ruffle accent doesn’t look too much if you mix it with the right boss. One of the tops that you can use is with a tank top or plain T-shirt that is inserted into the skirt.

  1. Using a Loose Shirt


If you want to look formal but don’t look stiff, you can use a ruffle wrap skirt with a big shirt and put it in a skirt to make it look neater and elegant. Your appearance will look cooler because it’s different from the others using this blend of shirts and ruffle wrap skirt.

  1. Pair with Brocade Tops


The folds on the ruffle wrap skirt will make you look attractive when you especially pair it with a brocade top. The selection of pastel colors such as soft white and pink will be very suitable to use and make you look more beautiful with a soft and girly look.

  1. Tops of Polkadot Motives


Using a top with polkadot also turns out to be nice and suitable, you know if you pair it with a ruffle wrap skirt, so you don’t need to hesitate anymore. Wearing a ruffle skirt with a casual polka-dot pattern shirt can make you look elegant and stylish too.

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