Best Fashion Tips Use Choker for Women

Choker is on the rise. Many girls who now prefer to use choker than a regular necklace. The choker model looks more varied and can be adjusted according to various styles of appearance, starting from the girly, gothic, to hippie. Some of the following choker recommendations you can wear with everyday outfits when you hang out with friends or girlfriends.

  1. Thin black choker + shirt + jeans



The most effortless tips you can try to make it to casual events like hang out with friends or to concerts in open spaces. Thin choker and small eyes are perfect for the first time using choker. So chic and simple!

  1. Layering choker + low-cut dress


For those who like to wear V neck or low-cut dress, layering choker can beautify your neckline area, you know. So it looks more sexy right!

  1. Bohemian choker style


You can combine a simple choker with a necklace that extends to the chest as a layering. Choose a simple necklace accent like sequins or ethnic decorations made with a V-neck dress. So classic right!

  1. Choker with bling-bling accent


This choker one model can make preppy girl-style look that is classy but still eccentric, suitable for you who want to always be presentable in all situations. It’s so shining guys!

  1. Choker + off-shoulder dress


The necklace looks too “heavy” if you combine it with an off-shoulder top with a ruffle or balloon model. If you use choker, you can look more relaxed. It’s so sexy!

  1. Silver choker with small chain accents


Silver choker with small chain accents is not excessive and is very suitable to be used for sightseeing in areas where the temperature is hot. So easy guys!

  1. Add a statement to your appearance with a choppy geometric design material


So that you are not bored, you can use choker with colorful geometric motifs that are very cute. So great right!

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